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Sports Fishing in Avalon

The Avalon Tuna Club introduced fishing for blue fin tuna, marlin and broadbill swordfish using a rod and reel. The Avalon Tuna Club was the first fishing club on Catalina. Many stars from Hollywood, such as Orson Welles, came for the sports fishing off the shores of Catalina.

1934: ER Pollok with the Mayors of Seattle and Denver

Would be fishermen (Left to Right) Charles L. Smith, Mayor of Seattle, Washington (1934-1936), Earle R. Pollok, Avalon City Manager (1930-1942), and George Davis Begole, Mayor of Denver, Colorado (1931-1935). E.R. Pollok was born and worked in Colorado prior to coming to Catalina.

1934: Couple Snag Pair of Fish on 50th Wedding Anniversary

E.R. Pollok had this momento in his scrapbook: a picture from a magazine in 1934 showing Mr. & Mrs. L.C. Waldman on their 50th Wedding Anniversary with a pair of swordfish off the shores of Catalina.

July 21, 1935: The first Marlin Swordfish of the Season

This 341 lbs. Swordfish caught by A.C. Boyle was the first of the 1935 season. Capt. T. Gray is on the right. The autograph at the top left hand corner says "To my good friend Earle Pollok" and signed Steve Brode, 7/21/35

1937: A 10-Foot Swordfish

This 306 lbs. broadbill swordfish was caught by Clark of Glendale California, August 4, 1937. Note that the photo is bent over with the remainder of the body and tail on the other side. The fish is over 10 feet long sword to tail. Kneeling is Capt. Halsteade. This is a black and white photo and the color was added by Earle Pollok

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