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USS Constitution visits Avalon in 1933

First day of issue commemoration The USS Constitution visited Avalon, Catalina on November 2, 1933 while on a three year tour of US ports. Mrs. E. R. Pollok, Avalon, Calif. has a letter postmarked that date. The Avalon Catalina Businessmen's Association sponsored the event. The logo on the left side of the envelope shows the USS Constitution at sea with and aerial view of Santa Catalina Island behind. A star marks the city of Avalon and a compass indicates the four points. Not sure if the ship carried the letter to Boston, MA for eventual mailing or not.

On 1 July 1931, amid a 21-gun salute, Constitution was re-commissioned. The following day she sailed on a triumphant tour of 90 United States' ports along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts, crossing through the Panama Canal en-route. The voyage covered more than 22,000 miles, three years, and 75 cities (some cities were visited twice). "Old Ironsides" returned to the Boston Navy Yard on May 7, 1934, after having over six million visitors. Americans saw at first hand one of history's greatest fighting ships. On 7 May 1934 she returned to Boston Harbor, the site of her building. Classified IX-21 on 8 January 1941, Constitution remains in commission today, the oldest ship on the Navy List, proud and worthy representative of the Navy's great days of fighting sail, and symbol of the courage and patriotic service of generations of Americans at sea where much of the Nation's destiny will always lie.

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