How Long Does it Take for Facebook Fans to React?

While I’ve been talking about Facebook Game Applications leveraging their Fan/Application Pages to engage with their fans, Pet Society launched a post with a promotion at noon on Monday, allowing us track pretty closely the number of Likes and Comments made by fans in the 24 hours after release. Here was the post that showed up in fans’ streams:

And here is a timeline showing the number of “Likes” and Comments made

About one-fifth of the total “Likes” and comments were done in the first 20 minutes after the post, and 50% of the total “Likes” were done in the first 90 minutes. It suggests that you have about a two hour window to make the majority of your impressions on people (depending on the size of a user’s homepage stream, your message may get buried by other messages, pushing it beyond the first screen).

In the short term, this means planning your communications when the majority of users are playing your application. In the long-term, one wonders about the opportunity to do targeted sending of stream posts, where you could trigger sending based on a user’s past behavior patterns, allowing you to target night users with one set of messages and day users with another.

One thought on “How Long Does it Take for Facebook Fans to React?”

  1. Someone emailed me asking what time of day makes the most sense? That’s really dependent on your audience. For game applicaitons, hitting lunchtime or end of work day when people are taking a break is key (but Zynga Poker typiclaly does messages at night around 9pm, which makes sense for that specific game demographic). If you want to hit pre-school moms not working, you may want to target when the kids are in pre-school and mom has a break. For the general population, from what I’ve seen, most people check their email/social media in the mornings and the evenings. In addition, you are probably best to take advantage of Eastern daylight time in terms of demographics.

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