Farm Town Passes the 5 Million Daily Active User Mark

Slashkey’s Farm Town appears to be the first game application to reach over 5 million daily active users when it hit 5,154,945 according to data presented by developeranalytics. Below you can see the three top game applications on Facebook in terms of daily active users: Farm Town, Zynga’s Mafia Wars (4.1 million daily active users) and Zynga’s Farmville (3.9 million daily active users). As noted before, the rate of growth for Farmville has been impressive, and on July 20th, Farmville actually surpassed Mafia Wars daily active users for one day. No wonder these games were often highlighted as examples as part of the “Trends in Social Gaming” discussion at Casual Connect yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Farm Town Passes the 5 Million Daily Active User Mark”

  1. It’s only good if it actually works. Slashkey has been down for hours now – the second time in two days. If they cannot have their technology keep pace with their user base, then they have serious problems that may result in their extinction.

  2. I access Farm Town via Face Book.
    I am at level 80.
    Where do I go from here?
    And when I do go into Farm Town and get a job harvesting or plowing the lag is so bad it isnt worth the effort especally to the people who are just getting started.
    And accessing Farm Town from My Space, well lets just forget that its so bad.

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