Can I Help Your Business?

Based on my ten years of experience in the games industry, I have a broad array of hands-on experience across both mobile and Facebook games that I can share with you. Some of the analysis I’ve done for companies include:

  • In-Depth App Review – I play and analyze the core game loops, user flow, and new user experience to provide detailed feedback and suggestions to optimize your app
  • Monetization Review – I play and review your app to provide feedback on optimization and changes to drive more app monetization. This covers both in-app purchases and advertising strategies. Note monetization though is driven a great-deal by your core game loops and economies.
  • Product Specs and/or Project Management – Based on the analysis I can provide more detailed technical specs and work with your developer team to ensure implementation of these changes
  • App Launch Strategies – this reviews your goals, markets, and outlines specific strategies to attempt to optimize your launch

Contact Me

If you are interested in a free consultation and rates, please contact me and let me know the type of work you are interested in.


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