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Can Users Find Their Games in the New Facebook Homepage?

Users seem to be struggling in finding games in the new Facebook homepage redesign. While there is a lot of promise in the newly introduced games dashboard, further education cannot overcome the fundamental design flaw of not having “games” as a persistent part of the site navigation, visible from every page.

What is Counter Worthy in New Facebook Design? Mafia Wars Gives Us a Preview

Counters are coming as a replacement to the much-abused Notifications API – how will developers use them? Zynga gives us a first clue.

Detailing How Facebook Users are Using – Or Not Using – Bookmarks

Even though there is a mad rush by developers to get users to bookmark their application on Facebook, there is little data at all on how users are using Bookmarks. Using a unscientific sampling, we find that few users are leveraging bookmarks in their current state and Facebook’s planned revamping of Bookmarks may be a way to revitalize this feature for both users and developers.

Call to Bookmark, Become a Fan Intensifies for Game Apps

The push by marketers to be “bookmarked” has been going on since the Favorites tab first showed up in web browsers. A bookmark on Facebook is the Holy Grail for an app developer: sitting in the footer of every Facebook page is the only way to be consistently “above the fold” and in the view [...]