Eric von Coelln digs into the numbers behind social media, marketing, casual games and more.
EVCin on Facebook

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  • Can you believe Twitter is down?

The Post-Notification Era on Facebook’s Platform: Viral Marketing Isn’t Dead Yet

Facebook depricated Notificaitons for applications on March 1st – Clearly it’s not the doomsday scenario that some feared as developers are mostly relying on email or fan page posts to replace application-to-user notifications, while user-to-user notifications are being facilitated through creative use of Wall Posts.

The Hidden Benefits of Incorporating Facebook Credits?

Incorporating Facebook Credits may make you a Featured Game on the new Games Dashboard, but it doesn’t necessarily drive you new traffic. Plus the intriguing reach of STi’s prepaid-phone-cards-turned-virtual-goods-gift-card.

Sneak Peek of Facebook Credits Payment Issues Process

With a great deal still unclear about Facebook Credits, the payment dispute process being tested provides some insight and also makes one wonder if developers will be able to manage issues with other payment options using the same API.

Early Winners and Losers from Facebook Platform Changes

When viral marketing tactics were curtailed by Facebook’s platform and policy updates, the question wasn’t whether developers would take a hit, but how much? And whether those that thrived on aggressive viral tactics would be hurt more than those that didn’t. I look at what appears to be behind those who did well and those that took a major hit.

Developers Revamp Viral Marketing Tactics to Comply with Changes to Facebook Policies

Facebook started enforcing a slew of application policies over the last week, forcing game developers to revamp their viral marketing. Here are three of the top changes and how top developers are revamping their viral marketing tactics.