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EVCin on Facebook

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  • Can you believe Twitter is down?

The Post-Notification Era on Facebook’s Platform: Viral Marketing Isn’t Dead Yet

Facebook depricated Notificaitons for applications on March 1st – Clearly it’s not the doomsday scenario that some feared as developers are mostly relying on email or fan page posts to replace application-to-user notifications, while user-to-user notifications are being facilitated through creative use of Wall Posts.

Happy New Year! What Will 2010 Bring?

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve celebration. While 2009 saw the amazing growth of social games, looking ahead, I wonder whether 2010 will be the year where:

More complex game mechanics catch on?
Facebook changes continue to take away the institutional learnings from leaders like Zynga, helping to level the playing [...]

Five Reasons Facebook Games Are Not a Fad

As originally published at and later highlighted by Silicon Alley Insider.
No one questions whether sharing news or photos with friends and family is a fad, and when people get together to socialize, they often play games – from bridge to charades to Trivial Pursuit. As one of the largest social gathering spots on [...]

Quick Hits: PetVille’s Massive Growth, Playfish Still Down Since EA Acquistion

PetVille gets massive ad campaign to jump grow over 2 million daily active users in a day; Zynga starts promoting some synchronous games; Playfish still seeing DAU traffic down since EA acquisition; Bejeweled Blitz gets some competition for gem-swapping audience.

After the Acquisition by EA, Playfish Titles See Traffic Drop

While the purchase by EA promised to give Playfish more resources, those weren’t apparently being used to drive more advertising into Playfish titles after the first week.