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EVCin on Facebook

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  • Can you believe Twitter is down?

Quick Hits: Getting Users to Sign Up, Gangster City Isn’t Sticky, and 6 Million DAU for Poker?

Zynga innovates with a progress bar to get users to sign up for mutliple communication devices. Playfish’s Gangster City doesn’t look like it’s sticky enough as DAUs flatten out. And Zynga Poker touts 6 million daily users – but they still haven’t reached that number yet on Facebook.

For Fish Sim Games, Does Stealing Make Them Stickier?

Nearly a month out, FishVille’s sticky factor approaches the same 30% level seen by rivals Fish World and Happy Aquarium, yet My Fishbowl maintains a sticky factor 33% higher than their rivals. How much of this is due to being natively translated in Chinese versus a game play mechanism that is based on stealing from your friends?

More on the Sticky Factor: Measuring the Impact of Tactics on Engagement

One of the more interesting applications of the Social Game “sticky factor” that I introduced last week is the ability to look at the life cycle of some of the most popular games and identify some of the key feature roll-outs that greatly increased engagement. The sticky factor is simply the daily active users (DAUs) [...]

The Sticky Factor: Creating a Benchmark for Social Gaming Success

The concept is straight forward – the more a user comes back and plays, the more engaged they are. And the more engaged they are, from my experience at, the easier it is to monetize them. Why? A user who comes in and plays your game every day is much more likely [...]

Benchmarking Your Facebook Application: How Engaging is it?

It’s time to stop looking at monthly active users as a way to track the success of Facebook applications. By leveraging daily active users as a percent of monthly total users, you can create a relative benchmark for engagement and help you identify which applications are most likely to succeed.