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Maybe Fans Aren’t That Mad About Yankee Ticket Prices

What outcry? Only 1.1% of all social media mentions about the Yankees are about their ticket prices, and only 12% of those appear to be negative. Dig into the numbers…

Mets, Yankees Attendance Down by Double Digits – Are the New Ballparks to Blame?

With new stadiums for both New York baseball teams, you’d typically expect a boost in attendance. Instead the smaller replacement stadiums, economy and higher ticket prices have contributed to double-digit declines. Digging into the numbers helps us see which factors are contributing the most, and which team despite the bad PR is raking in the cash anyways.

A Tale of Two (New) Stadiums: CitiField and Yankee Stadium

A fans-eye view of two hugely improved stadiums for the New York Mets and Yankees.