McLaughlins, von Coellns & Extended Family

Surname Cölln (Coelln) from 1958 German Textbook

Below is a copy of the first page from a German genealogy textbook published in 1958 (Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, Adelige Häuse B, Baud III 1958). While this text contains notes of history back to 1579, the majority of the family trees detailed start in 1788 and do not match any of the lines within our family tree. Still, the family crest is extremely similar to that which we hold as our own today.

The text, which was graciously translated by Gerd Cornelius (who has been trying to match a Caecilia von Colln from Packen to our tree), says:

"The family tree begins with Jost (Jobst Agnet) von Cölln, born 1579, died 1663. The von Cöllns had a feudal tenure, a property held in fee, in Kassel (in the current Bundesland Hassia). There was a dynasty of the von Cöllns in Mecklenburg (Northeast of present-day Germany), which was undoubtly noble, it was of old nobility, of the Uradel ("arch-nobility") [I don't know what the term "Uradel" exactly means and what kind of rights are connected to it].

"The von Cöllns in Kassel tried in 1774 to link their Jost von Cölln to this von Cöllns of Mecklenburg. But the Mecklenburg von Cöllns had disappeared in 1630, and it could not be proved that there was actually a connection."

Then under "Stammvater":

Georg Conrad von Cölln was a pastor, a senior member of the consistorium of the principality Lippe. A consistorium was the governmental board of the church. - Furthermore, an addendum: The family was allowed in Prussia to use the noble titles (although not proved).

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