Eurovision 2009 Semi-Finals Start Now

I had the pleasure last year to spend four weeks in Sweden for work, and while there got exposed to Eurovision for the first time – a cross-European song contest where 42 countries compete to be crowned the winning song. At the end of the show, there is a short amount of phoning, and countries can’t vote for their own representive, hopefully moving people to vote for the best act rather than their favorite country (but we know better).

It’s just too fascinating to watch the geo political agendas unfold around a music contest (will a Western European country ever win again?), AND to see what some countries end up voting for to represent their country’s vision of the best song in the world. Is it politics, or just a horrible act (Sweden’s entry scares me this year).

So if you’re sick of this year’s US American Idol, today is the start of the Eurovision 2009 Semi-Finals in Moscow and you can try to watch the live streaming from 3pm ET to 6pm ET at (although it is horrendously slow) or you can watch grab some popcorn and watch it on-demand post-broadcast.

Update: They apparently had issues with the Octoshape plugin, which you can get here:

And this Eurovision predictor actually believes Norway, with the scary fiddling and step-dancing might win it…

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